June 15, 2021


Dear Student, We hope you all are safe and doing well  !!! We are pleased to inform you  that admission process is starting from 15.06.2021 for the students eligible to take admission to the next semester i.e. Sem. III / Sem. V for the academic year 2021-22 as per the result declared. Further note that,...
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Dear Student, Please find below link of the Examination Result First Half 2021 (April & May 2021). B.Com (Day) Sem 1 – (ATKT) 75-25 Pattern B.Com (Day) Sem 1 – (ATKT) Choice Based B.Com (Day) Sem 2 – (ATKT) 75-25 Pattern B.Com (Day) Sem 2 – (ATKT) Choice Based B.Com (Day) Sem 3 – (ATKT)...
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