Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia and Mass Communication is a course that provides interested aspirants in pursuing a career in the field of media. It is an undergraduate course that covers different channels of communication such as newspapers, magazines, television, radio, digital etc. The two focal points in this course are Advertising and Journalism, which helps to specialize students in either of the two during the third year. Some of the popular job profiles are -Journalism, Content Development/Writing, Film making, Production, Editing, Advertising/Marketing, PR and Branding, News reading, Anchoring, Photography, Videography and more.

Programme Outcomes & Programme Specific Outcomes


Course Outcomes




Total Number Of Seats 180


Distribution of Seats Arts Commerce Science
50% 25% 25%

Eligibility: A candidate for being eligible for admission to the Degree Course in Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia and Mass Communication shall have passed XII Std. Examination of the Maharashtra Board of Higher Secondary Education or its equivalent, from the Science, Arts or Commerce Stream. Students coming from other than Maharashtra Board & Maharashtra Technical Board are required to apply for provisional Eligibility Certificate at college by submitting eligibility form along with requisite fees.

Sr. No. Subjects
FY BAMMC – Semester I FY BAMMC – Semester II
1 Effective Communication -I Effective Communication -II
2 Fundamentals of Mass Communication Foundation Course-II
3 Foundation Course-I Introduction to Advertising
4 Visual Communication Introduction to Journalism
5 Current Affairs Content Writing
6 History of Media Media, Gender and Culture
SY BAMMC – Semester III SY BAMMC – Semester IV
1 Radio Program Production-I Radio Program Production-II
2 Corporate Communication and Public Relations Writing and Editing for Media
3 Media Studies Media Laws and Ethics
4 Introduction to Photography Mass Media Research
5 Film Communication-I Film Communication-II
6 Computers and Multimedia-I Computers and Multimedia-II
TY BAMMC – Semester V (Advertising) TY BAMMC – Semester VI (Advertising)
1 Copywriting Digital Media
2 Advertising & Marketing Research Advertising Design
3 Brand Building Advertising In Contemporary Society
4 Agency Management Brand Management
5 Social Media Marketing Media Planning & Buying
6 Consumer Behavior Rural Marketing & Advertising
TY BAMMC – Semester V (Journalism) TY BAMMC – Semester VI (Journalism)
1 Reporting Digital Media
2 Investigative Journalism Newspaper And Magazine Design
3 Features And Writing For Social Justice Contemporary Issues
4 Writing And Editing Skills Lifestyle Journalism
5 Journalism And Public Opinion Magazine Journalism
6 Media Laws And Ethics Television Journalism

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