Skill Development

The Entrepreneurship Incubation  Cell (E-Cell): 

The Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell) at Lords Universal College is aimed at helping students look beyond the curriculum and delve into business and entrepreneurial learning delivered in the form of internships, workshops, networking events, and seminars delivered by industry experts and successful entrepreneurs. The main goal of the E-Cell is to inspire the next generation of students to convert their ideas into startups and help them develop an entrepreneurial mindset while building valuable connections for life. To complement the E-Cell’s Capabilities, the students have access to the Incubator

Cell. The Cell is designed to be the melting pot of ideas and innovation and is aimed at bridging the gap between industry needs and conceptual ideas. Students can scale their final year projects into a full-fledged startup or collaborate with other students and create a totally new venture. The incubator cell will aid the students in getting in touch with investors and corporate innovation departments to gauge the industry requirements and scale their ideas.

Wellness Committee

Wellness is a holistic integration of physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. The wellness committee was formed with a motto of enhancing the physical health, mental as well as emotional well-being of students. The wellness committee has conducted various sessions related to women’s wellness, meditation, stress management during exams and importance of weight management, etc.

LUCDC organized a seminar on Mental Health during this Pandemic, as the only solution to the current situation is a peaceful and healthy mind. A step towards the same was initiated by the Students Counselling Cell.

This session deals with educating students on the importance of mental health during this crucial period and the self-balance that should be created through different ways such as eating habits, exercise, sleep, screen time, etc.

Skill Development Programmes 

  • A workshop on enhancing the knowledge of effective resume building and avoiding common errors by HR professional – Ms. Harshada More
  • The two-day student development program was planned and organized by the Internal Quality Assurance Cell. 
  • The Entrepreneurship Cell along with BCOM and BAMMC Department organized a webinar on the topic “Entrepreneurship Development Programme.”
  • The BAF/BBI and BMS department conducted a webinar on the topic “Financial Literacy.”

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