Skill Development


Counselling is a process in which individuals or groups engage with a trained professional to explore and address personal, emotional, or psychological issues. It aims to help students get accustomed to the needs of their environment and thereby improving the overall functioning of the students. To address various personal and social issues, as well as lacking confidence, Lords Universal College has taken the initiative to help students overcome these challenges and to motivate them.

Counselling of students for their various issues is done by a Qualified Counsellor Ms. Meenakshi Thakkar appointed by the college. The counselling sessions resulted in changes among the students who were brought to her with issues.



  1. To provide complete motivation and support to students for their overall improvement and success.
  2. To improve discipline and human interaction among students on campus. 
  3. To develop a healthy relationship between students and teachers.
  4. To help identify career paths and support students in their career-related challenges.
  5. To inculcate human values among students.
  6. To ensure the academic and personal excellence of the students.
  7. To enlighten the students on professional ethics and conduct.
  8. To counsel the students for solving their problems and building confidence to achieve their goals.


Skill Development Programmes 

  • A workshop on enhancing the knowledge of effective resume building and avoiding common errors by HR professional – Ms. Harshada More
  • The two-day student development program was planned and organized by the Internal Quality Assurance Cell. 
  • The Entrepreneurship Cell along with BCOM and BAMMC Department organized a webinar on the topic “Entrepreneurship Development Programme.”
  • The BAF/BBI and BMS department conducted a webinar on the topic “Financial Literacy.”

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