General Rules & Regulations Regarding Attendance

  1. Every bonafide learner shall ordinarily be allowed to keep terms for the given semester in a program of his enrolment, only if he fulfills at least seventy five percent (75%) of the attendance taken as an average of the total number of lectures, practical’s, tutorials etc. wherein short and/or long excursions/field visits/study tours organized by the college and supervised by the teachers as envisaged in the syllabus shall be credited to his attendance for the total no of periods which are otherwise delivered on the material day/s. Further it is mandatory for every learner to have min 50% attendance for each subject & an overall average attendance has to be 75%.
  2. Students participating in sports, cultural activities, N.S.S, N.C.C, Adult and Continuing Education and Extension will be permitted full credit for lectures/practical/tutorials missed by them as a result of their participation in N.C.C/N.S.S/A.C.E.E camps, Inter-collegiate, Inter-University, State, National and International tournaments/competitions and coaching camps,/training sessions organized in participation of these tournaments/competitions. This credit shall be allowed on the basis of production of certificate of participation in such authorized activity from the concerned organizers. The same shall be submitted along with a prescribed form appended as Annexure F which shall be verified by the teacher in charge and the vice principal. This form then shall be submitted to the attendance in charge in the college office on a daily basis in case of an event held by the college or within two working days of completion of events held by other colleges.
  3. The Principal of the concerned College shall be the competent authority to condone the absentee of any learner further up to additional 25%, if deemed fit and on recommendation of the attendance committee of the college, wherein it is mandatory on the committee to do natural justice by giving personal hearing to every learner falling short of minimum attendance for keeping terms and recommending case by case to the competent authority having verified the genuineness and gravity of the problem that justifies the learner to remain absent, which generally shall be limited to his own sickness, sickness of his parent, death of his parent etc. supported by valid evidence, documentary or otherwise.
  4. Steps taken by College to make the Parent’s & the student’s aware of the norms of attendance & norms of granting the terms.
  1. Attendance Undertaking signed by parent as well as student at the time of admission.
  2. Signatures taken from students against their monthly attendance.
  3. Display of monthly attendance on student notice board.
  4. Monthly letters and emails sent to Parents informing of their ward’s attendance.
  5. Conducting Periodical meeting (at least two meetings in each semester) of the Parents of the student’s with less than 75% attendance addressed by the Principal / Vice Principal / Members of the attendance Committee / Person authorized by the Principal.
  6. Undertaking signed by parent as well as student during the periodical parents meeting.
    1. If a student is not able to attend lectures on medical ground then he shall submit documents evidencing his illness along with an application addressing the same to the principal. The leave of absence may be granted on medical grounds subject to fulfilling the above criteria and at the discretion of the principal of the college. The details of the documents along with the rules are mentioned on the application form (appended as Annexure H).

In the event that a student does not have requisite attendance, he/she shall be debarred from that semester and a list of detained students shall be displayed on the notice board at the end of the semester. The detained student can then file an appeal to the Head of the Institution/Principal of the college within 3 days from the date of display of the list on the notice board of the college, where he shall be given a personal hearing. After the hearing the college shall display the final list of the debarred students and communicate the same to the Controller of examination before 10 days from the commencement of the relevant Semester End Examination. The student if he so wishes has a right to appeal against the said decision of the college within 10 days to the Controller of Examination, University of Mumbai.

Note: As per order of the Hon’ble High Court Mumbai in Writ Petition no. 1208 of 2017, the University of Mumbai has specified that the University cannot condone the attendance of the students below 50%. Hence, it is necessary that the student 75% of the lectures and/or tutorials and/or Practical for being eligible to appear for the Examinations conducted by the colleges on behalf of the University or conducted by the University.

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