Gujarati Linguistic Minority Institution

Actions Against Use of Unfair Means

LUJC has rigorous procedures in place to detect an instance of malpractices during exams. The Unfair Means Committee in college handles such cases of malpractices during exams.

Once reported potential malpractices to follow a process of investigation by the exam department.

  • Use of Phone-Confiscation of phones, Paper has to be re-written, Fine of Rs. 500 will be charged and parents will be called.
  • Use of chits or other copy material- The student will be charged a fine, has to rewrite the paper and parents will be called for a meet. If the student is caught with chits before an exam will be given a warning.

Any student who does not obey the exam rules has to face a strict investigation from the college and will be punished for the same.