LUC_Junior – Punishment list if malpractices arising in HSC board examination Feb-March 2023

Dear Student,

With reference to the above subject, it is informed that Higher Secondary Certificate and Secondary School Certificate Examinations have been organized in February-March 2023. In the said examination, the Board has to constantly face malpractices arising out of various ways. In this regard, the nine divisional boards of the state are implementing various measures and activities at their respective levels. Accordingly, it is necessary to inform the student of the action to be taken as per the punishment list of the board due to the misconduct, so that the student does not commit any kind of malpractice in the examination.

For this purpose, schools/junior colleges must read the list of punishments for the students along with the said letter as well as the instructions on the back cover of the answer sheet in front of the students before the examination/practical examination period. If possible, a copy should be given to each student, the document should be signed by the students and kept in their records, and the certificate of action should be sent by all schools/junior colleges to their respective departmental board e-mails without delay. E-mail IDs of all Divisional Boards have been attached.

Also, the examinees will take the exam in the morning session. at 10.30 am and in the afternoon session at Attendance at 2.30 is mandatory Students should also be informed that they will not be allowed to enter the examination hall after 10.30 in the morning session and after 2.30 in the afternoon session.

A punishment list for students, instructions on the back cover of answer sheet, and sample certificate to be submitted by schools/junior colleges, etc. are enclosed with this letter but the above steps should be taken.

shiksha suchi vachan

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