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Lords Universal College is well organized and has great professors who, along with education, work on our personality development and encourage us to explore our individuality and creativity!

BAMMC 2019-2021

Lords Universal College provided me with incredible opportunities, being a part of this institution was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I am grateful to have had such fantastic professors who were always supporting, motivating, guiding, and assisting me in my endeavours. They helped me shape my career in a very significant way and I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from them.

BMM Alumni 2018 - 2021

Lords College provided me with three incredible years. I remember sitting in the canteen on my first day of college, knowing no one. Gradually, I made a lot of new friends and began to enjoy my college life; I took part in every interesting and rewarding extracurricular activity. My professors were extremely helpful and made learning more interesting and engaging. I appreciate all of my teaching and non-teaching staff’s help and unwavering support. Each day of my college life was incredible, and I will never forget these three-year adventures.

BMM Alumni 2018-2021

Lords Universal College is a renowned institution that not only offers a wide range of courses, like B.Com, BMS, BAMMC, BAF, BBI, B.Sc(IT, CS, and Microbiology), and Law but also offers a variety of extracurricular and co-curricular activities to its students. The campus library is well-stocked, and we also have access to a digital library. Science laboratories are also well-equipped with all of the tools we’ll need for hands-on learning. Our college places a high priority on hygiene, which is well-managed by the support staff. Our professors are well-trained and are always willing to assist students. In terms of bus or train accessibility, the College is well connected.

STREAM: Completed B.Sc Microbiology , YEAR: 2020-21

Being a student at Lords Universal College for the BSc in Microbiology programme gives me immense joy and a great sense of pride. The relationship between faculty and students here is very friendly, which has allowed me to excel in my field of interest. I’ve only been at Lords Universal College for a year now, but it’s already helped me in my professional and personal growth. Lords Universal College provides us with not just the best campus, but also the most supportive and intellectual faculty, as well as a study environment that seems like home.

STREAM: Second Year B.Sc Microbiology, YEAR: 2021-22

I appreciate all of Lords Universal College’s faculty members’ continued efforts and support. Aside from wonderful academic experience, I also benefited from the numerous skills offered.I am grateful to all of my professors for directing us in the appropriate direction so that we could achieve our goals.I consider myself fortunate to be a member of the Universal Family. I treasure every moment spent with this institution. It was an amazing and unforgettable experience for me to graduate from Lords Universal College.

Stream : BBI, Year: 2019-2020 (Alumni)

College shapes who you are and prepares you for the next stage of your life.I am grateful that I was able to attend Lords Universal College, where the professors who are not only expert in their fields, but have also assisted and encouraged me throughout the last three years.I’d want to express my gratitude to my institution for providing all of the amazing facilities and for organizing various activities that were not only entertaining but also educational. They allowed me to participate and enhance my skills and knowledge. I am proud to be a student of the Institution.

Stream : BBI, Year:2020-2021(Alumni)

My education at Lords Universal College strengthened and empowered me to be an independent lady.All of our teachers who encouraged and corrected us during our college years have my gratitude and appreciation. The activities I participated in during college days helped me gain confidence. Furthermore, the lectures were very valuable in that they boosted our aptitude and technical abilities. Thereby I gained the ability and confidence to apply a range of quantitative methodologies wisely at my work.

Stream : TYBBI, Year – 2018-2021

Lords Universal College has a night degree programme that allows students to work and study at the same time. All classrooms are air conditioned and equipped with LCD televisions. Teachers and the administrative staff are very co-operative and helpful. The canteen is well-equipped, and hygiene is strictly enforced. Even during the rainy season, cleanliness is maintained and the campus is kept spotless.


I’m blessed to be a student at Lords Universal College; it’s the best place I’ve ever been, and recalling those classroom environments, benches, laughter, and other experiences brings back fond memories. It was such an unforgettable experience. Our Professors were extremely helpful and pleasant, and they were always willing to help us with our problems. I consider myself fortunate to be a Lords Universal College student.


The college conducts a variety of activities to help us improve our abilities by encouraging and inspiring us to participate and motivates us to be our best selves.
The college has a well-defined infrastructure which consists of AC Classrooms. The professors and staff maintain good relationships with the students and are always willing to assist them.. Even during the pandemic, our lectures and examinations were effectively delivered online.



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