Microbiologists are needed to do the research required for the future battle against infectious diseases worldwide, understanding the environmental importance of microbes and use them for food production, biotechnological and industrial applications.

Lords Universal College offers BSC. Microbiology which provides you with the best of facilities which includes a fully centralized A/C laboratory with all the equipments required for practical knowledge of the subject. We also conduct industrial visits for the students to help them clear career-oriented queries. Apart from that the students are encouraged to get indulged into short term research project under the guidance of their professors. We also help them get internships in microbiology-based companies. A graduate in Microbiology secures job as researcher working in universities, pharmaceutical and bioscience companies, institutes and laboratories.

Total Number of Seats 105


Students passing S. Y. J. C. (Std. XII) with Science and S.Y.J.C.

Students from other State (eligibility) are required to have ENGLISH as a compulsory paper at H.S.C. level.

Subject Combination offered:

Sr. Subjects


  F. Y. B.Sc. (Micro) – I F. Y. B.Sc. (Micro) – II
1 Foundation Course-I Foundation Course-II
2 Chemistry-I Chemistry-I
3 Chemistry-II Chemistry-II
  Practicals Practicals
4 Microbiology-I Microbiology-I
5 Microbiology-II Microbiology-II
  Practicals Practicals
6 Zoology-I Zoology-I
7 Zoology-II Zoology-II
  Practicals Practicals
  S.Y. B.Sc. (Micro) – III S.Y. B.Sc. (Micro) – IV
1 Foundation Course-III Foundation Course-IV
2 Microbiology – I Microbiology – I
3 Microbiology – II Microbiology – II
4 Microbiology – IIII Microbiology – IIII
  Practical Practical
5 Zoology-I Zoology-I
6 Zoology-II Zoology-II
7 Zoology-III Zoology-III
  Practical Practical
  T.Y. B.Sc. (Micro) – V T.Y. B.Sc. (Micro) – VI
1 Microbiology – I Microbiology – I
2 Microbiology – II Microbiology – II
3 Microbiology – III Microbiology – III
4 Microbiology – IV Microbiology – IV
  Practical Practical
5 Food Nutrition, Food Adulteration & Preservation-I Food Nutrition, Food Adulteration & Preservation-II
  Practical Practical

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