Enrichment Activities

Culture – “Culture is the art elevate to a set of beliefs.”
  • SYJC Science students attended the workshop on ‘Robotics’ at Universal College of Engineering.
  • Information Technology Department conducted a Technical Exhibition where students displayed different hardware devices and many innovative inventions.
  • It is rightly said that “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win a championship.” This quote proved to be true during the Intercollegiate festival SOUL. It is indeed a marvelous event where many students participate from different colleges in different events.

Yoga Day – “Yoga is a dance between control and surrender.”

Through the Yoga Day celebration, the students are guided to focus on dietary habits and maintain a peaceful mind.

Library Day – “Library is a window of learning.”

Visiting the library, students are engrossed in going through the bundles of knowledge. In order to inculcate reading and writing skills among students, all FYJC students were taken for the books display in the college library, where they were guided to differentiate in each author’s writing style. Students are also guided to read E-books and gadgets used to store books.

Commerce Day – “Be a change, you wish to see in the world.”

The objective of celebrating Commerce Day is to create awareness about commerce, explore creative and innovative ideas, coordination direction and effective communication among students.

Cultural Day

Fun-filled activities are conducted in the college for students, where they showcase their talent, explore and come up with innovative ideas following traditional attire, which unveils their various talents.

Republic Day/Independence Day

Republic Day and Independence Day are celebrated with great patriotism in the college premises every year. Student performances create a patriotic atmosphere throughout the event.

Garba Day

Garba Day is celebrated during Navratri, where students participate enthusiastically wearing traditional attires enjoying Garba night.

Career Orientation – “Work to become not to acquire.”

Career Orientation is a career development instructional guidance program which is conducted by the Junior College and designed to prepare students to have a greater understanding of educational and career opportunities to assist them in making meaningful and informed career choices.

Financial Education – “All finances are a matter of belief.”

Financial literacy is the possession of the set of skills and knowledge that allows an individual to make informed and effective decisions with all of their financial resources. Seminars are conducted to spread basic financial awareness among students.

Effective Communication

Effective communication is a key interpersonal skill, and learning how we can improve our communication has many benefits. Workshops are conducted in the college which focuses on the usage of soft skills in business communication.


The workshop was conducted for SYJC Commerce students, which refers to Bookkeeping, Organization of Commerce, Secretarial Practice and Economics. Using gestures and body language, students were guided on easy techniques of memorizing the concepts and strategies of the various subjects. It was an interactive session.

Subject Expert Lectures – “It is said that knowledge builds on knowledge.”

We emphasize on making our students academically brilliant, and therefore expert lectures are being conducted for the better learning and guiding students on matters relevant to their subjects.


Taking part in sports is important for children as it reduces stress and enhances their mood. It builds healthy bones and muscles, increases fitness, improves sleep, helps them socialize, improves their cooperation skills and boosts self-confidenceOur junior students keep participating in sports throughout the year.

Consumer Awareness Workshop

Consumer Awareness is an act of making sure the buyer or consumer is aware of the information about products, goods, services and consumers rights. Keeping in mind consumer awareness, a seminar was conducted to make the students aware of malpractices where SYJC students presented a skit on consumer awareness.

Career Counseling Session by Police Officials 

It was organized to provide information to the students about civil services exams, giving them proper guidelines, where students participated enthusiastically.

Workshop on Ill-effects of Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a complex neurobiological disease that requires integrated treatment of the mind, body, and spirit. The seminar was conducted by the junior college teachers to sensitize students of ill-effects of drug abuse.

Workshops are being conducted throughout the year for the teachers, which help them in new methods and effective teaching in the classroom.

Teacher Training Workshop

BEd workshop was conducted for teachers giving more knowledge about Flipped Classrooms so that teachers can implement it in the class.

Shades of Lords

“There is no religion better than love, no colour better than the colour of happiness and no language better than the language of compassion.”

Multiculturalism is the essence of a Mumbaikar. We truly believe in embracing diversity and understanding cultural differences. Taking a step towards celebrating the differences and adopting multiculturalism, we celebrate “SHADES OF LORDS”. Shades of Lords depict different cultures of different states. Students exchange their thoughts about different cultures, art forms, food, customs and language of different states.

Talent Hunt

“Everyone is gifted but some people never open their package”

Every child has a unique talent but very few discover their talent and come out of their comfort zone. Talent hunt is an initiative that gives a platform and motivates all hidden talents to discover and explore their extraordinary talent.

Tree Plantation Program

“He who plants a tree, plants a hope”

A plantation is a long and valuable solution to environmental pollution. We cannot think of a life without trees as they provide us with a life giving oxygen. In the current scenario, when there is an increase in concrete jungle and decrease in tree plantation. Various programs like planting of saplings, powerpoint presentation and poem recitation are held to create an awareness among young minds about the importance of tree plantation.

Hindi Diwas

“A country that does not take pride in its language and literature can never progress”

Hindi Diwas is observed on 14th September to celebrate the adoption of Hindi as the official national language of India. Hindi Diwas is celebrated every year with a lot of enthusiasm to inculcate the love for Hindi language. Students highlighted the significance of Hindi Diwas by connecting in various activities through their mesmerizing performances in street Play, poem recitation, storytelling, debate and skit.


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