May 11, 2021


Dear Student, Please find below the SYJC Text books for your easy reference. SYJC Book_Keeping_Accountancy SYJC English Yuvak Bharati SYJC Economics SYJC IT_Science SYJC IT Commerce SYJC Chemistry SYJC Maths_Stats_Arts_Science_Part_1 SYJC Maths_Stats_Arts_Science_Part_2 SYJC Maths_Stats_Commerce_Part_1 SYJC Maths_Stats_Commerce_Part_2 SYJC Biology SYJC Environment Education And Water Security
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Dear Student, Please find below the FYJC Text book for your easy reference. FYJC OC_Mgmt FYJC Maths_Stats_Commerce_part_1 FYJC Maths_Stats_Commerce_part_2 FYJC English Yuvak Bharati FYJC Environment Education FYJC Economics FYJC Chemistry FYJC Maths_Stats_Science_Arts_Part_I FYJC Maths_Stats_Science_Arts_Part_II
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